About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is for anyone who may need help in a time of crisis or may feel generally their life or current circumstances are not working for them as they would wish it to. Counselling is usually considered to be done over a shorter timeframe and psychotherapy is more long term. In psychotherapy we work to discover what has happened in the past or in childhood that may have created patterns and behaviours in our lives resulting in current feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, repeating unhealthy patterns, unconscious choices. However you do not have to be in crisis to attend a psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to get to know yourself, for personal development and a tool for living in a more conscious and informed way.

How I work…

Therapy sessions are fully confidential. After an introductory session I usually meet with a Client for six weekly sessions with a review at the end of this period and choice for the Client and Therapist to continue meeting on an ongoing weekly basis. Sessions are 60 mins duration. Psychotherapy works best if the Client attends their session on a weekly basis.