Julie Hogan



Talking helps us understand, make meaning of our experiences.  “A problem shared is a problem halved” as the old saying goes.  Through talking we can help our mind, also known as our mental body, to understand patterns in our lives, family dynamics, or to understand how events and traumas have impacted us and therefore our behaviours, our relationships, and in general our quality of life.

Sometimes, however, while the mental body logically understands problems, traumas and griefs that we have experienced – we are still being affected by past events.  We are still hurting and perhaps that is sometimes in a literal sense.  The emotional body, which is another part of us that experiences emotions, can struggle to let go even though the mental body has reached an understanding.

This is akin to saying that even though we understand something in our head, say a traumatic event, we can still experience uncontrollable emotions and reactions around it.

Traumas, losses and events that happen in childhood or during the course of our lives can be held in the emotional body then in turn can be held in the physical body too.

Through movement of the physical body with yoga and using conscious breath this can help to encourage previously unconscious emotions to the surface to be worked with and released.  The movement of the body combined with breath allows us to come out of Mind and down into our body and emotions.  Yoga brings us into a place of balance between Mind and body through use of movement and breath.  We journey thorough the chakras, also known as energy centres in the body, releasing old or stagnant emotions which can occur through ages and developmental stages.  Indeed, the chakra system develops with us as we grow and reach developmental milestones from children to adolescents and on into adult life.


Pranic healing is a complimentary, non-touch method of energy healing for the physical, mental and/or emotional bodies.  Pranic healing works on the concept of the ability of the body to heal itself through examining and clearing the chakra system. It is not meant to replace traditional medicine or psychotherapy.

Pranic Psychotherapy aids the healing of anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, eating disorders. I work in a blended way which combines talk therapy and Pranic Healing.

I have trained with The Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.  I hold a Level 3 Pranic Healing – Pranic Psychotherapy Certification.

You can find the full story of pranic healing at www.pranichealinginireland.com


I am a trained and certified Shamanic Practitioner.  I trained with Shamanism Ireland (Martin Duffy and Annettte Peard).

Shamanism is humanity’s oldest practice of healing and it is found across many countries and cultures.

Shamanic healing is really about activating our own inner healer, journeying to our inner realms to gain wisdom and knowledge.

My main area of work is soul retrieval where parts of the soul have fractured, frozen or hidden through trauma, loss or grief life events.

I am passionate about weaving together the integration of mind and body health as a powerful emerging modality for transformation. Having witnessed the successful impact of this integration in my own life and many others, I truly believe this mind/body synthesis can create powerful change in every willing person.

For further information please contact me on – 085 2562101 or email at juliehogantherapy@gmail.com